Environmental consulting

Our engineers specializing in all issues related to sewage purification , analyze and propose the most appropriate solutions for each situation.

Purification by infiltration – percolation modified
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They study and propose the work done to adapt and operate ancient purification systems , to comply with the new regulations and environmental requirements.

They perform and manage projects , permits and authorizations for discharges.

Installation and operation of the wastewater plants

SANYDEP provides the wastewater treatment or purification system suitable to each house or group of houses , and can also make their own work necessary for the proper installation of the system.
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Installation and sewerage connections

SANYDEP has specialists and material resources to make any connection to the sewerage.
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Transformation from black wells into waste water treatment plants

SANYDEP has developed and enhanced the transformation from black wells,always having enough room, into a total oxidation treatment plant adapting our plant to the shape of the old well. We avoid new digs.
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Installation and operation of pools

SANYDEP has an extensive experience in the installation of prefabricated pools including the treatment plant, electric panel of protection and control and border.obtaining remarkable results at minimum cost.

Waterproofing work pools with water leaks

Through the application of FRP ( fiber reinforced polyester glass) 100 % effective.
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