In Sanydep we want to make your life easier, so we offer our financing service so you can enjoy our products but now even if you do not own all the money .
We study each case and give you an answer within 48 hours, we do not ask for collateral or guarantees , and finance up to 3 years.

Funding conditions:

Age limit 72 years
Maximum limit per operation 6.000.-€
Deadlines 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 months
Opening commission 0%
Early termination fee: 0.5 % for periods of 12 months or less
1% for periods of more than 12 months.
*Example : 3.000.- € Financing 36 months Monthly fee : € 97.- per month .

Required documentation

Table documentation:
-DNI/NIE Photocopy
-Photocopy of domiciliary account number where future receipts.
Employed worker:
Accounted income tax ( last year) ( Only for funding of over € 3,000.- )

Self-employed worker:
Personal Income Tax (last year )

Last receipt payment receipt pension / pension certificate (*)

(*) It is awarded annually by the Treasury earlier this year or can be requested at any delegation of the Treasury Sec. Social .

If you are interested in our financing plans please leave your details so we can contact you :

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Or if you prefer be you contact us you can do so through the contact section.

*Conditions valid from: 05/25/2016 , this offer is of limited duration